The Family Tree

Robert Martin

Robert Martin was born in approximately 1785 and was most likely the son of Robert Martin and his wife Elizabeth (née Mendham) of Coveney, Cambridgeshire, England.

Robert married Avis Tall and the couple had a number of children before Robert died in 1826.

Robert was soon followed to the grave a few months later by his oldest son, William, aged 13.

His widow re-married soon after to James Wisbey of nearby Little Downham and the couple had one known child together.

Further Details

circa 1785 - most likely in Coveney, Cambridgeshire, England.



March 1826, Little Downham, Cambridgeshire, England, aged 41 years.

12th March 1826 at St. Leonard's Churchyard, Little Downham, Cambridgeshire, England.