The Family Tree

The Simpson family of Cambridgeshire

The Simpson family are part of my maternal ancestry, and appear in the town of Soham, Cambridgeshire, England.

The most recent Simpson ancestor in my tree was my 5x Great Grandmother, Elizabeth Simpson, who married my 5x Great Grandfather, John Bishop.

Sadly, Elizabeth would only reach her early thirties, and a mere 7 years into her marriage, when she died either during or shortly after giving birth to her third child.

That child, named Elizabeth, was baptised on the day of Elizabeth's funeral, but soon followed her to the grave.

Elizabeth's parents were James Simpson and Lilly Boon, both seemingly of Soham. Having married in 1786, the couple seem to have had four children, with Elizabeth being the youngest.

James Simpson was one of at least five children of John Simpson and his wife Catherine. Again, this family appears in Soham, but the family prior to this, remains unknown.

The Simpson name continues

The Bishop family appear to remember the brief life of Elizabeth, with three successive Bishop sons taking the Simpson name - Elizabeth's son Simpson Bishop seems to use the name as a first name, (sometimes swapping it with the first name of 'James'), and this continued with his son in turn - James Simpson Bishop born in 1842, who in turn named two of his sons (the first died in infancy in 1866) James Simpson Bishop.